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Highly predictive SNP markers for efficient selection of the wheat leaf rust resistance gene Lr16

Lr16 is a widely deployed leaf rust resistance gene in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) that is highly effective against the North American Puccinia triticina population when pyramided with the gene Lr34. Lr16 is a seedling leaf rust resistance gene...

Kassa, M. T.; You, F. M.; Hiebert, C. W.; Pozniak, C. J.; Fobert, P. R.; Sharpe, A. G.; Menzies, J. G.; Humphreys, D. G.; Harrison, N. R.; Fellers, J. P.; McCallum, B. D.; McCartney, C. A.

BMC Plant Biology · Volume 17 · Issue 45 · 2017

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Farmers' perceptions on improved bread wheat varieties and formal seed supply in Ethiopia

The paper presents smallholder farmers' perceptions on attributes of bread wheat varieties based on primary data collected from 524 households in four major wheat growing areas of Ethiopia. The results indicated high value of attainment indices for improved varieties compared to landraces, which shows how the demanded attributes are embodied more in improved ones. Grain yield and yellow and...

Bishaw, Z.; Alemu, D.

International Journal of Plant Production · Volume 11 · Issue 1 · 2017

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Adult plant resistance of selected Kenyan wheat cultivars to leaf rust and stem rust diseases

Phenotypic and genotypic evaluation of wheat genetic resources and development of segregating populations are pre-requisites for identifying rust resistance genes. The objectives of this study were to assess adult plant resistance (APR) of selected wheat genotypes to leaf rust and stem rust and to develop segregating populations for resistance breeding. Eight selected Kenyan cultivars with...

S. Figlan, T.A. Baloyi, T. Hlongoane, T.G. Terefe, H. Shimelis, T.J. Tsilo

Cereal Research Communications · Volume 45 · Issue 1 · 2017

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Tight repulsion linkage between Sr36 and Sr39 was revealed by genetic, cytogenetic and molecular analyses

Stem rust resistance genes Sr39 and Sr36 were transferred from Aegilops speltoides and Triticum timopheevii, respectively, to chromosome 2B of wheat. Genetic stocks RL6082 and RWG1 carrying Sr39 on a large and a...

Bosco Chemaye, kUrmil K. Bansal, Naeela Qureshi, Peng Zhang, William W. Wagoire, Harbans S. Bariana

Theoretical and Applied Genetics · Volume 130 · Issue 3 · 2017

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Fine mapping of the chromosome 5B region carrying closely linked rust resistance genes Yr47 and Lr52 in wheat

The widely effective and genetically linked rust resistance genes Yr47 and Lr52 have previously been mapped in the short arm of chromosome 5B in two F3 populations (Aus28183/Aus27229 and Aus28187/Aus27229). The Aus28183/Aus27229 F3 population was advanced to generate an F6 recombinant...

Naeela Qureshi, Harbans Bariana, Kerrie Forrest, Matthew Hayden, Beat Keller, Thomas Wicker, Justin Faris, Elena Salina, Urmil Bansal

Theoretical and Applied Genetics · Volume 130 · Issue 3 · 2017

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Yellow Rust Epidemics Worldwide Were Caused by Pathogen Races from Divergent Genetic Lineages

We investigated whether the recent worldwide epidemics of wheat yellow rust were driven by races of few clonal lineage(s) or populations of divergent races. Race phenotyping of 887 genetically diverse Puccinia striiformis isolates sampled in 35 countries during 2009–2015 revealed that these epidemics were often driven by races from few but highly divergent genetic lineages. PstS1...

Sajid Ali, Julian Rodriguez-Algaba, Tine Thach, Chris K. Sørensen, Jens G. Hansen, Poul Lassen, Kumarse Nazari, David P. Hodson, Annemarie F. Justesen and Mogens S. Hovmøller

Frontiers in Plant Science · Volume 8 · 2017

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Genetic diversity within and among aecia of the wheat rust fungus Puccinia striiformis on the alternate host Berberis vulgaris

An isolate of the fungus Puccinia striiformis, causing yellow (stripe) rust on cereals and grasses, was selfed on the alternate (sexual) host, Berberis vulgaris. This enabled us to investigate genetic variability of progeny isolates within and among aecia. Nine aecial clusters each consisting of an aecium (single aecial cup) and nine clusters containing multiple aecial cups...

Julian Rodriguez-Algaba, Chris K. Sørensen, Rodrigo Labouriau, Annemarie F. Justesen, Mogens S. Hovmøller

Fungal Biology · Volume 121 · Issue 6 · 2017

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A special issue on Fusarium head blight and wheat blast

Fusarium head blight (FHB, or scab) of wheat and barley and wheat blast (or brusone) are two major head diseases with devastating impact on yield and grain quality. These fungal diseases emerged as a major threat to global food security and human health over three decades ago. Since the early 1990s, FHB, caused mainly by Fusarium graminearum sensu lato,...

Emerson M. Del Ponte, Barbara Valent, Gary C. Bergstrom

Tropical Plant Pathology · Volume 42 · Issue 3 · 2017

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Genomic and pedigree-based prediction for leaf, stem, and stripe rust resistance in wheat

The unceasing plant-pathogen arms race and ephemeral nature of some rust resistance genes have been challenging for wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) breeding programs and farmers. Hence, it is important to devise strategies for effective evaluation and exploitation of quantitative rust resistance. One promising approach that could accelerate gain from selection...

Philomin Juliana, Ravi P. Singh, Pawan K. Singh, Jose Crossa, Julio Huerta-Espino, Caixia Lan, Sridhar Bhavani, Jessica E. Rutkoski, Jesse A. Poland, Gary C. Bergstrom, Mark E. Sorrells

Theoretical and Applied Genetics · Volume 130 · Issue 7 · 2017

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Physical mapping of DNA markers linked to stem rust resistance gene Sr47 in durum wheat

In durum wheat (Triticum turgidum subsp. durum), the gene Sr47 derived from Aegilopsspeltoides conditions resistance to race TTKSK (Ug99) of the stem rust pathogen (Puccinia...

Daryl L. Klindworth, Jyoti Saini, Yunming Long, Matthew N. Rouse, Justin D. Faris, Yue Jin, Steven S. Xu

Theoretical and Applied Genetics · Volume 130 · Issue 6 · 2017

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