Calling all Women Geneticists!

Friday, December 18, 2015

UC Davis, CA: Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam has the opening keynote at the 2016 Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) Conference and wants to do a humorous music video featuring selfies of female geneticists doing science that can include family, pets, livestock or whatever you think would make an interesting image. To participate, send a selfie of yourself to Allison at along with your name, position title (e.g. professor), and university, with your permission to use it in a musical parody, based on the song “But first let me take a selfie," to be shown at PAG. Alison wants the video to encompass female scientists across the globe so PLEASE SHARE this with your female, plant/animal breeding colleagues. She also wants the images to be humanistic and real. The DEADLINE is Dec 30. If you have a couple of images - so much the better. The BGRI will share the video when it is made.