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2020 BGRI Virtual Workshops

The BGRI is presenting a series of Virtual Workshops throughout 2020 to engage the BGRI community in wheat-related awards, research and training.

June 25: Watch Take it to the Farmer

May 21: Women in Triticum


  • The threat posed by stem rust to wheat production in Morocco is imminent
    Abdelhamid Ramdani, Kumarse Nazari and Dave Hodson · 3 Aug 2020

    Wheat undergoes biotic constraints all over the world. The impact of each constraint on grain yield depends on the agro-ecological area. In Morocco, for instance, wheat rusts, notably yellow rust,...+ More
  • Harnessing the potential of state-of-the-art genomic technologies for accelerating the rate of genetic gain in wheat
    Philomin Juliana · 1 Jul 2020

    Genomic breeding technologies offer exciting opportunities for wheat improvement amidst escalating challenges like changing climates, unpredictable temperatures, reduced precipitation and biotic...+ More

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